Start with us
Partners to the automobile industry for over 100 years
Start with us
Partners to the automobile industry for over 100 years
Close to the customer
We support you in all areas of tool and mold making
Close to the customer
Specialists for you on site
Consulting and services
Comprehensive support - worldwide and project-based
Consulting and services
for form and tool fabrication

Specialists for the automobile industry

We provide our customers in the USA with specialists such as project managers, toolmakers, and application engineers. In the close interaction between tool design and development, we contribute our more than 100 years of know-how in tool and mold making at a very early stage of product development.

Tool Doctors

Call our Tool Doctors at any time and solve any problem with their specialist knowledge.

Tool/mold business

We organize production status monitoring for you at the specific production locations using our trained tool and mold makers.


Do you need advice on all aspects of tool and mold making?


Support for forming and injection molding

Product development

With our SE-Team (Simultaneous Engineering) we support you in product development.

Tool changes and maintenance

Efficiently ensuring availability: Our experts, with their many years of experience in tool and mold making, support you during maintenance as well as in the modification of tools.

Current Job Offers

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